Miha Potočnik

Miha Potočnik, Junior Intermediate II

In childhood he was practicing different Martial Arts and later on slowly shifted to yoga. First Sivananda yoga, but when coming across Iyengar yoga he become fully dedicated to it. His main education and teachers are:

  • 4 years Iyengar yoga teacher-training with Michael Forbes (USA) and Margaret Eckl (GER) for Introductory II certificate.
  • Additional 3 years teacher- training with Kevin Gardiner (USA) and Erika Repassy (HUN) for Junior Intermediate I & II certification.
  • 3 years program Iyengar yoga Remedial with Stephanie Quirk (NZ, Pune). He continues to study annualy with her.

Beside his own practice and peer groups he regulary attends workshops and conventions around Europe and India: Birjoo Mehta, Laurie Blakeney, Rita Keller, David Meloni…

He visited Pune while B.K.S. Iyengar was still alive, being very fortunate to see him in person and experience his classes. There he also met his future wife, Pilljae Kim, with which he now shares his private and professional life.

slika2He started to teach in 2007 first at different yoga studios around Slovenia and in 2010 opened his own myoga studio. He made first (and only) manual of Iyengar yoga in Slovenian language and later on helped in translating first book of Iyengar yoga (Path to Holistic Health) in Slovenian language. Now he is vice president of Slovenian Iyengar yoga teacher’s society helping to further spread Iyengar yoga around Slovenia. He is teaching Iyengar yoga in Slovenia from September to June and in summer around South Korea (annually from 2013).

He has degree in Psychology and is dedicated practicioner of Vipassana meditation. All this he incorporates in his teaching, which could be described as technically detailed and awarness based.

You can find more about him and his work on internet page www.mjoga.com, on facebook page mjoga.si or read his book India: travel from Lust to Love, where he was writing about his (un)spiritual quest in India.

미하 포토츠닉 첫경험은 시바난다 요가였고, 지도도 그렇게 시작한다. 얼마 후 그는 인도에서 아엥가 요가를 경험하고,아엥가 요가에 완전히 전념하게 된다.사년짜리 아엥가요가 지도자과정을 마쳤으며, 지도자과정 시작 때부터 여러 시니어 선생님들과 공부해 왔다.그의 선생님들은,

  • 마이클 포비스(미국) 지도자 과정,
  • 케빈 가드너(미국) 지도자 과정,
  • 스테파니 쿽(뉴질랜드) 삼년 프로그램 아엥가요가 테라피 과정,
  • B.K.S 아엥가 그리고 아엥가 가족 (인도,뿌네) 등이다.

인도, 라마마니 아엥가 요가 센터에서 김필재를 알게되어 부부가 된 후, 현재 그녀와사생활은 물론 요가 지도일을 공유하고 있다.

슬로베니아의 여러 요가 센터(시티요가, 직업인들을 위한 요가,토츠카 요가)에서 가르쳐 왔으며, mjoga 아엥가 요가센터를 운영중이다. Junior Intermidiate2(슬로베니아에서 네 명 중 하나). 9월에서 6월 사이 슬로베니아에서, 그리고 여름엔 한국에서 가르치고 있다.

미하는 심리학을 전공했으며,비파사나 명상가이다. 또한 “인도,욕망에서 사랑으로의 여정” 슬로베니아어판과 영문판 그리고 요가책’ 아엥가 요가, 첫번째 경험자의 경험에 의한 과학” 슬로베니아어판을 저술했다.

Miha’s view on subject:

As you look for spirituality, you look for guidance. Guidance of »good« feeling, when you just know its right. When you are aligned with the nature (dhamma) nature shines through you.

Same is with asanas. You are guided by »good« feeling. You are not driven for sensual thing, doing it for pleasure. But for inner feeling of alignment with true Self.

As finding truth, Dhamma in life demands maturity, hard work of trials and errors, taking maybe countless lives to come closer. Same is with yoga asanas. There are countless trials, explorations before you come closer to real alignment with all the body layers. Alignment to true Self, nature.

But when it’s there you can straight away see it, feel it as it was always around. You can feel it by radiance he or she is showing, giving it away.

In beginning you don’t have ability to experience the truth, so you have to develop it, you have to develop. With rigorous practice. Developing inner sense of guidance, inner Guru. Discovering where to go, where is the path to the inner truth.

Same as musician has to master the instrument, you have to master the body, to get out the right tone, melody, symphony, aum.

Truth is beyond words, imaginations and ideas. It is existing by itself. No outside Guru can give you that. He can only show you the path, maybe give you some glimpse of it. But the road you have to walk by yourself. You yourself have to get tuned with it.