Happy babyhouse wrap

It’s great relief when your pegnancy belly weight is pressing heavily down on your pelvis and legs. Additionaly it relieves the pain from lower back.

It’s Pilljae Kim’s invention, using her knowledge of Iyengar yoga and Baby’s wrap. While it helped her a lot, she wanted to share with other pregnant ladies in need. Here is shown step by step:


***If you have lower back pain tying at the back squeezes and narrows the back (so, no good ;)). Better tie it in the front, above the belly like showed in lower pictures:

Hope it helped you, made you and baby happier!


Bunk bed as a prop

It’s not completely the same as “real” rope wall, but its still very good alternative. It’s easy to install and it is very cheap (considering you already have a bunk bed :)).

You need:

  • Bunk bed – strong, massive wood
  • Two ropes – should be shorter than standard ropes (3/4 or 2/3), while bunk bed is not as high as standard upper rope jack.
  • For hanging you need extra rope and you need to remove board or two of upper bed, so you can put legs throught it and hook with them while hanging.


If you didn’t try rope hanging before, first learn it with qualified Iyengar yoga teacher and only then try it home alone. Coming in and out from hanging in bunk bend is little more unstable/unsafe/harder, so be carefull!


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And there is something more… Ladder! It should be firmly fixed to the bunk and strong by itself. Usage is the same as wall bars – for standing leg streches, forward bends, side bends etc.


And in the end, don’t forget on Savasana.


As you see bunk bed is perfect prop to use! 🙂